Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Service of Lament

Normally on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, Judson Church offers a series of ritual stations throughout the congregation: a candle lighting station, a water station (bowl of water with a towel), a labyrinth station, a meditation station, or you can remain in your pew for a read a Lenten reflection.  It's a neat service.  But this year we couldn't offer that.  So we developed a worship service of lament.  We asked all those who listen to become a psalmist.  

I interviewed a colleague, Rev. Dr. Kent Berghuis, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dayton, OH to talk about a psalm he wrote after a life situation.  He shared this idea with a group he and I are a part of a few years ago.  Since then I have suggested to people when they come to me for spiritual direction or pastoral counseling that they too write their own psalm (psalm of lament, psalm of praise, psalm of boredom, you name it...).  

Also, Carolyn Kolovitz, Judson's Children and Youth Coordinator, leads us in a guided meditation of writing a psalm of lament.  Carolyn is also a spiritual director!  

Enjoy (well, lament is not actually something you enjoy - but it can guide you onto the path of joy)

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