Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Podcast, maybe the best yet; and why Amazon reviews matter (even if you buy the book from your local bookshop)

A few weeks ago the Office Admin. at Judson Church (a wonderful human being by the way) forwarded me an email, a request for me to be a guest for a podcast interview.  I was skeptical because I had not heard of the organization.  But I checked them out, they looked legit.  I emailed Judson Press, they said "Go for it."  

Here's the deal, most of, if not all, of the previous guests on the podcast were megachurch pastors.  I thought for sure they had me confused for another pastor, perhaps they thought I was the pastor of Church on the Move (an actual megachurch in Tulsa, OK) rather than author of Church on the Move (an actual book published by Judson Press).  I thought, well at the very least this will be fun when they realize I am not who they think I am. 

I scheduled the interview with low expectations. But I gotta tell ya, the interview was amazing.  The interviewer, Frank Barry, did not know who I was or why he was interviewing me (nor did I), but he trusted his staff!  We had a delightful conversation, I think Frank really got my approach to local church ministry.  

After the podcast I contacted the production staff at and asked how they found me and picked me (for which I am truly grateful).  My selection was nothing more than a chance encounter/recommendation on Amazon. Friends, your Amazon reviews mean something (even if you bought the book directly from Judson Press or a local bookshop).  

So if you have a moment, write a review of Church on the Move (the book, the one authored by me - yes there is more than one book with this title).  And then go and write a review of a book your friend or your pastor or your favorite professor or your favorite poet or your novelist wrote!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Collect for Getting to School on the First Day of School

 Collect for Getting to School

Loving God,
who desires to protect us as a mother hen gathers her brood under her wings.
Protect all children who 👟 🚲♿️ or 🚌 to 🏫 this year;
that they may be blessed with health & happiness & learning,
through the Savior who was once a child.