Thursday, August 4, 2016

A New Blog, why not...

Several years ago, 11 years ago to be exact, I started a blog: Theobilly.  I enjoyed theobilly, but over the course of time the blog ran its course.  I then started a new blog and new platform, transition pastor over on wordpress.  But I always felt like transition pastor communicated the wrong message (that I was here at Judson for a short-term stint, which is the farthest from the truth) and I couldn't stand wordpress, even though some folk love it.  oh well.  Then I basically stopped blogging and put more emphasis on facebook.  But not everyone is on the facebook and facebook, although a useful tool, is a time vacuum, for me at least.  So I am back to blogging.  

What will you find here on this new blog.

1.  Bicycle posts.
2.  Pastoring posts.
3.  Food posts.
4.  Used sermons.  

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