Saturday, August 7, 2021

Walking, Bicycling, Public Transit and Faith Communities News Roundup: August 7, 2021.

-The Christian Century published a wonderful article by Elaine Blanchard on Revolutions Bike Co-Op.  What you may not know is that Revolutions Bike Co-Op is located in First Congregational church in Memphis, TN.  I spoke with the pastor a few years ago and talked about their creative building use and bicycling ministry.  I love this church and I love this model!  

Speaking of bikes, Minneapolis Community and Technical College is now offering a Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician!  This coupled with the Minnesota State College Southeast Technical and Community College's in Red Wing campus Bicycle Design and Fabrication program I think I am now sending my CV to offer my commencement address services, pro bono.

-Author Angie Schmitt, author of Right of Way, was on WBUR's On Point program talking about pedestrian issues, road safety and general amazingness.  

-Metro Transit (the Twin Cities' public transit organization) is offering $1 fares for September and October as a way to entice riders back.  

I love this idea, I hope they keep it at $1 going forward.  Make transit cheaper than gas - that's the only way public transit can win!

-And I'd love it if you invested a little under an hour of your time listening to Dr. Laura Hartman, the world's authority on church parking lots & professor at Roanoke College, on the Logos(ish) podcast.  Dr. Hartman not only talks about parking lots, but beautifully explains the wonderful role of congregations to inspire and encourage community transformation.  

-Finally, do you have an old cotton mask that you are going to throw away?  DON'T.  If you can still use it, use it.  But if it has a hole in it, don't throw it away.  Instead, send it to Rev. Laura Everett, Ex. Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, she is mending them!  You may know Rev. Everett as the author of Holy Spokes.

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