Friday, April 9, 2021

Minnesota Cathedral Bike Route

A few years ago as I prepared the pilgrimage route in Scotland and England my family would walk I kept thinking how come there are no pilgrimage routes in the United States?  

I have been working on an urban pilgrimage route from Cathedral of St. Paul (in St. Paul) to the Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis.  I will release this route for feedback and suggestions later this summer (once herd immunity is reached - need bathroom stops, water fill ups, lunch and beer, prayer stations/guide, & etc).  

I'd also love for there to be a walking/pilgrimage trail from Minneapolis to Collegeville, MN (to St. John's Monastery).  I've mapped out a biking route for this, but you can't replace the rhythm of walking.  But the Brits have a great idea: a Cathedral Bike Route.  All 42 of England's cathedrals in a 2,000 mile loop, but they have broken down into easy loops too.

This made me think, what about a Minnesota cathedral loop?  Minnesota has plenty of cathedrals that are close to the Twin Cities (and others that are not).  Here is my idea for a 2-3 day bike packing pilgrimage route.  

Two Episcopal Cathedrals, Three Catholic Cathedrals.  This does not need to be limited to Christian cathedrals, it's just a starting point.  But I think cathedrals might be a good first step toward establishing more of a bike packing culture that is not centered on gravel biking.  

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