When Down is Looking Up

As a pastor, I have a front row view of the hardship and suffering that happens in people’s lives. The diseases, the accidents, and the unforeseen tragedies that occur can alter the course of a family, a marriage, a career, and certainly the life of the one experiencing the trial.

Some say that God puts some people flat on their back to make them look up. Perhaps so; some people need a little kick in the backside to wake them up to what’s before them. But on most occasions, I think it’s just life. The rains fall on both the good and the bad.

Funny how we see a tragedy or hear a shocking diagnosis and we immediately jump to value judgments; whether this person deserved this or not. Who can say that?

I have learned great lessons from people who have known suffering. They often have a sharper eye for blessings. When you’re having a bad time, do you find yourself paying closer attention to how good you have it as well?

The wise person who loves the Lord has learned to not put the roots of their soul in earthly things which can, and eventually do, pass away. Their roots are in God and they see everything else as a gift to receive and not an entitlement or a possession to be owned.

It’s much easier to lose count of our innumerable blessings than it is to take inventory of the things we think we own. Treasures on earth are so easy to lose, but treasures in heaven are forever.

As Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. (Luke 12:34).